The sun shines for us all, free of charge, sending to Earth the amount of energy consumed by humanity in a year.

Today, technologies available on the market—such as photovoltaics or wind power—are practical, profitable, and have long-term reliability.

Paired with a suitable storage solution, energy independence is now within our reach.

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PlanetSolar is a public limited liability-Swiss company founded in 2008 with a view to demonstrate that mankind has the resources, expertise, and technologies required to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

As its first emblematic demonstration of this, PlanetSolar completed the first trip around the world powered exclusively by solar energy thanks to the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar.

The MS Tûranor PlanetSolar—currently the largest solar boat ever built—was launched on March 31, 2010 after 3 years of feasibility studies, construction, tests, and optimizations. On May 4, 2012, after 585 days of navigation, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar reached Monaco—the starting point of the trip around the world, powered 100% by photovoltaic energy.

To succeed in this circumnavigation adventure—still unparalleled to this day—PlanetSolar was able to bring together strong skills from many fields, such as engineering, project management, risk analysis, fundraising, marketing, and communication.

Since its successful trip around the world, PlanetSolar SA has been able to make use of the solar ship for other practical purposes: as both a floating laboratory and a communication platform, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar has successfully carried out a variety of scientific expeditions.

The solar ship now belongs to the Race for Water Foundation, who uses it for scientific missions and demonstrations with the objective of fighting against plastic ocean pollution. PlanetSolar remains in charge of the solar ship’s energy management and is fully devoted to its client and partners.

Race for Water, another major actor in terms of protecting the planet’s future, has taken over the reins, benefiting from the visibility of this trip around the world. It has demonstrated its ability to raise the awareness of opinion leaders, politicians, institutional bodies, and the general public in the 4 corners of the world.

Our Vision

  • Over 80% of global energy consumption is reliant upon fossil fuel combustion. 
  • Fossil fuel combustion produces greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for climate change. 
  • The comprehensive use of all renewable resources and solar energy in particular can provide us energy independence as well as help us to definitively overcome our dependency on fossil fuels.

Our Expertise

Internationally-renowned brand

Backed by its experience and supported by an internationally-renowned brand, PlanetSolar SA puts its expertise to use for companies, communities, and individuals in order to help them reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and eventually lead them toward energy independence.  

Renewable energy

To do this, PlanetSolar SA identifies, selects and combines the most suitable renewable energy sources and couples them with the most appropriate storage systems (lithium-ion batteries and/or electrolysis of water to power a fuel cell). 

Intelligent algorithm

All systems are connected by electronic power components and run by an intelligent algorithm that takes meteorological data into account to optimize energy management with forecasts relating to production, consumption, and storage methods. 

Our Services

Since 2013, Planet Solar SA has broadened its activities and puts its established and substantiated expertise to use for its clients and partners through a variety of entities:


Relevant beneficiaries: 

Family homes, remote houses, energy positive buildings, hotels, small companies and cooperatives, small islands with independent or weak power grids. 

Our offer:

  • needs analysis
  • system sizing
  • identification and selection of the best offers from partner suppliers
  • guidance in developing a “turnkey” system
  • monitoring the entire project
  • start-up 
  • system monitoring and optimization during its life cycle 
  • Public relations

PlanetSolar STORAGE

Relevant beneficiaries: 

Single-family homes; buildings; industrial buildings looking to maximize the use of the renewable energy they produce

Our offer:

  • Designing and sizing storage solutions (Li-ion batteries and others)
  • Sizing hydrogen by electrolysis storage system 
  • Designing and sizing H2/O2 custom fuel cell
  • Hydrogen production station using clean energies 

PlanetSolar SERVICES

Relevant beneficiaries: 

All industries looking to innovate and integrate clean-tech solutions. Services rendered to the Race for Water Foundation.

Our consulting services for:

  • The integration of solar panels and batteries systems on maritime freight ships
  • Assistance in designing electric power trains for maritime applications
  • The integration of hydrogen technology in the maritime sector
  • Operation and management of PlanetSolar’s “energy” division
  • Development and innovation of the upcycling sector, particularly plastic waste, for manufacturing building materials.


This entity offers to run the PlanetSolar label for: 

  • Co-branding products 
  • Partnerships with providers of certified photovoltaic installers
  • Partnerships with providers of certified storage solutions 
  • Partnerships with providers of energy management software 

Our Achievements